Welcome: Routt County Search & Rescue

Routt County Search and Rescue was officially incorporated in 1968.

We are a group of volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We can be called anytime day or night, 7 days a week, and in any type of weather.

RCSAR started years ago with a small group of guys who would be called by their friends to come and help them get unstuck in the backcountry when they were snowmobiling. After several years of this they decided to make an official group of members who would meet and train in other aspects of the backcountry to help not only their friends but others who might need their assistance. The concept of helping strangers as though they were friends is the same concept that drives today's official RCSAR team

RCSAR is a member of the MRA which means we are tested in 5 different special areas of rescues and search every 5 years.

Our team is made up of unpaid volunteers who love the backcountry. Special skills are not required to become a member; we meet and train our members twice a month and also have a ropes group that trains once a month. The only requirement to join is your time commitment and enjoyment of the backcountry and things like hiking, skiing, snowshowing, ATV, and snowmobile riding.

RCSAR is sent out on rescues for injured or ill recreationalists. We are also called on searches for people who are completely lost, or for those who have become disoriented and just need some help and directions to get back to their car.

RCSAR is very motorized with a fleet of 8 ATV's and 8 snowmobiles. We can also use a wheeled litter to carry injured or ill recreationalists out should we be called to an area that we can't access with machines due to the terrain, or areas that motorized vehicles are not allowed, such as Wilderness areas.

The average mission takes 5 – 8hrs to complete from the time the page goes off to the time we are back at the barn and all equipment is put back and ready for the next mission.

Become A Volunteer

Routt County Search & RescueAre you interested in becoming a volunteer with Routt County Search & Rescue?  Please visit our volunteer section to learn what it takes and how to apply.  Become A Volunteer

Mission Report: March 26, 2014

14-020; Mar 26 At 7:35pm the IC received a call for a 23 yr old male who was in the Fish Creek Drainage and needed assistance.  He had started from the Steamboat ski area with friends and had gotten separated.  He called 911 so we had a good idea where he was but were not sure if he was on the move or staying put.  Attempts were made to talk directly to him but at first were unsuccessful.  He made another call to 911 and said he was now cold, exhaused and would stay put for us to come assist him out.  Two teams on snowshoe and/or skiis were deployed on either side of the creek/drainage.  With 2 good cell phone pings were we able to get to him at 10:42pm and escorted him out.  He was finally able to start a small fire and was just cold and tired.

Mission Report: March 21, 2014

14-019, Mar 21st; Call came in for a 21 year old female snowmobiler with a possible femur fracture near Fishhook Lake.  A crew of 5 stagged at Muddy Creek Pass on Rabbit Ears and met with 2 RP's that lead the team into the patient.  She was about 5 miles from the parking lot on Trail 1A about 1/2 mile South of Fishhook Lake.  Once on scene her injury was her right knee and just above the knee.  The team packaged her in the vacuum splint and into the patient sled and transported to the awaiting SSFR ambulance and taked to YVMC.  A big thank you to the Steamboat Snowmobile Tours cat groomer who was close by and made us a great smooth trail all the way back.