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Mission Report September 18, 2012

posted Apr 19, 2016, 9:42 AM by RCSAR Team Account
A 69 year old male hunter from Pennsylvania had slipped on a damp root and fractured his right tibia at approximately 06:45. We were paged at 07:00 and were in route with 6 members by 07:25. We had quite a long drive time of 55 minutes to get to CR 95 in Rio Blanco County for staging. We deployed into the field with 2 teams, one on foot and one on ATVs. We made initial contact by yelling the RP's name and he responded back on our first try. As the foot team made visual contact with the party, the ATV team was just making their way to almost the exact same location via an old access road. The patient and his hunting partner had done a great job of self splinting the injury, so when we arrived on scene we did a quick assessment of the patient and determined with his OK that we would transport him out via sitting on the back of the ATV. The patient and his partner drove to YVMC where it was confirmed that he had fractured his right tibia and did have surgery that afternoon.