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Mission Report September 2, 2012

posted Apr 19, 2016, 9:05 AM by RCSAR Team Account
Holiday weekend, Sunday night and a rain storm. A 14 year old young man was riding up the Beall Trail with his parents when he got ahead of them and was not at the car when they returned. It was now dark and had been raining - your typical Colorado rain storm. For any of you who ride Emerald you know how greasy the trails can get when we get those downpours. The parents returned home to see if the young man had made it home but he was not there. The mother called 911 and the father got his headlamp and went back out and started walking up the trail again. We launched a team on the front side and a team on the back side but luckily the young man had finally made his way back to Cow Creek Road and was walking along it when he was picked up. He was cold, wet, muddy, and had left his bike somewhere up on the mountain as it was too muddy to ride with all the rain that had come down. The father was picked up by the front side team and brought down just in time before the next round of extremely heavy rain began to fall. The young rider and his parents all learned a few good lessons that night: don't go out for a 3 plus hour ride with only 2 hours of daylight, no rain jacket and dressed in cotton. And take your cell phone with you fully charged.