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Mission Report September 7, 2012

posted Apr 19, 2016, 9:29 AM by RCSAR Team Account
Just at the lunch hour on a sunny summer afternoon, the page went off for a 51 year old female mountain biker on the Ridge Trail on Emerald Mountain, which literally is out the back door of the barn. 5 team members quickly arrived and after talking with another rider who came across our patient, it was decided that she was only about a 10 minutes ride down the trail from the top of the Ridge Trail. So with that confirmed information we staged at Blackmere Drive and headed in on ATVs with the wheeled litter just in case our ATVs would be too wide to go down the first part of the trail. It worked out just fine with taking the ATVs right to the patient, and yes it was almost spot on a 10 minute ride. She had taken a hard enough fall that her helmet had significant damage and she was complaining of a very bad headache. It was suspected and later confirmed that she did have a concussion. We were able to sit her upright on the ATV between two members and take her down to the awaiting ambulance.