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Mission Report January 22, 2014

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:02 PM by RCSAR Team Account
14-006, Jan 22nd; The initial called came into Ski Patrol that a young male snowboarder was last seen at the top of Exit Gate #1 of the ski area (Holy Bowl). His brother reported him missing at around 5:00pm and that he was unable to reach him via cell phone. The call was transferred to RCSAR since Ski Patrol was busy with other activities going on at the ski area. With several attempts to ping the subjects cell phone is was finally confirmed that his cell phone was at his place of residence and thus why no one was getting through. Because of darkness, terrain and no direct communications with the subject it was decided to not to go out but to organize at 6:00am with Ski Patrol and search from the top down to see if tracks could be found. At the bottom of Holy Bowl is was confirmed that one set of boarders tracks were headed down Storm King drainage. A team of 3 ski patrollers and 1 SAR member followed the tracks down and kept finding discarded items along the way. At approximately 10:00am the subject was found with severe hypothermia with soaked clothing with a temp of approx 82.3 and AAOx0-1. He was given some dry clothes and heat packs and was packaged in the vacuum splint and transported via the patient sled behind the Viking sled to the awaiting SSFR ambulance.