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Mission Report March 26, 2014

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:05 PM by RCSAR Team Account
14-020; Mar 26 At 7:35pm the IC received a call for a 23 yr old male who was in the Fish Creek Drainage and needed assistance.  He had started from the Steamboat ski area with friends and had gotten separated.  He called 911 so we had a good idea where he was but were not sure if he was on the move or staying put.  Attempts were made to talk directly to him but at first were unsuccessful.  He made another call to 911 and said he was now cold, exhaused and would stay put for us to come assist him out.  Two teams on snowshoe and/or skiis were deployed on either side of the creek/drainage.  With 2 good cell phone pings were we able to get to him at 10:42pm and escorted him out.  He was finally able to start a small fire and was just cold and tired.