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Mission Report October 11, 2014

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:38 PM by RCSAR Team Account
14-054; Oct 11 – Call came in (9:30pm) for an overdue hunter in the Bears Ears area very close to Moffat County.  Since there was no contact with the subject it was paged in the morning for a search.  Over night we had our first substantial snow accumulation of the season and with morning light it was still raining or lightly snowing off and on.  Two teams (1 – atv, 1 – foot) began a search pattern to try and contain our subject.  After a long day with no results our subject was finally seen by an outfitter company and he was just cold and tired.  Another long mission with 8 hours in the field with a drive time of 1 ½ hour each way.