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Mission Report January 25, 2015

posted Apr 18, 2016, 8:43 PM by RCSAR Team Account
15-001; Jan 25 – call came in for a downed aircraft somewhere South East of Rabbit Ears Monument.  It was also reported immediately that the pilot (only passenger) was out of the aircraft and had made the 911 call.  A small team on snowmobiles was deployed to navigate the best possible way to the aircraft.  Even though a good GPS location had been received via the 911 call, getting to the crash site had to be negotiated up, over and around some very difficult terrain.  Two members got to the site and it was determined that the subject could ride out on the front of the snowmobile to the awaiting team with the patient transport sled.  Due to the fact that the subject had just survived smashing his plane into the top of a mountain it was decided to air flight him to the Front Range.