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Mission Report March 20, 2015

posted Apr 18, 2016, 8:55 PM by RCSAR Team Account
15-008; Mar 20 – a father and daughter had gotten separated from their snowmobile tour group and were reported overdue.  A team on snowmobiles went out to look for them in the directed that was most probable for them to have made the incorrect turn back to the tour operation and due to the age of the daughter (5 yrs) and now dark with no moon the helicopter was asking to help with NVG goggles.  It only took a short time for the helicopter to spot the fire that the first tour guide that was out looking for them had started.  All parties were fine and got a nice ride back via the helicopter.  It was a joint mission for RSCAR with the help of North Routt Fire and Classic Air Ambulance and one civilian with extensive knowledge of the area.